Saturday, November 3, 2012

Eco Kitchen

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Interior Design & Furniture, Eco Factor: A concept kitchen crafted out of bio-degradable plastic and recycled wood.
There is an old saying that “Cleanliness begins at home,” but we at EcoFriend are going to change that a little by saying that “EcoFriendliness begins at home.” Trying to help us in this saying is Indian designer Nilay Shah, who along with Italian kitchen brand Veneta Cucine, has come up with an ingenious concept kitchen dubbed the I Green. This multipurpose kitchen, which can be used for cutting, drying, preserving, measuring and serving food at the same time, makes use of trays that are developed from wood and bio-degradable plastic.

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The concept design also focuses on eliminating the need for refrigeration, so that users are tempted to purchase only what they need. This strategy not only reduces the power consumption of the kitchen but also reduces wastage.
The Dark Side:
The designer has done a fantastic job by making use of ecofriendly materials in the design, but the elimination of our much loved refrigerators from the scene won’t make many heads turn either.

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