Thursday, October 20, 2011

Green Roof Architecture, Singapore Style

Here’s a fab example of modern green roof architecture, Singapore style! Designed by Guz Architects, this green house sits on the island of Sentosa adjacent to Singapore, enjoying stunning city views on the horizon, and sweet serenity right in its own backyard. The architects placed a wall on each side of the home, providing privacy from the neighboring properties. All that’s left to enjoy are the breathtaking views, whether it’s from the outdoor living rooms and terraces, the indoor-outdoor areas, the roof top loft, or the water features. A central staircase takes you up a central light-filled stairwell and leads to the piece de resistance – the loft design idea with walkout to the second-storey garden, while itself featuring its own rooftop garden, creating the intimate feeling of single-storey living on every level. Now, that’s thinking outside the box. Guz Architects via Contemporist photo credit: Patrick Bingham Hall


  1. If this is my house, coming here from the stress of the work is a delight. Truly, exhaustion will be eradicated from me. Guz Architects is a team to rely on when it comes to green roofing. They have proved themselves that they are worthy to be called for such roofing design. The way they made a backbend from the roof and put on some Bermuda grass on it is divine. It made the home more eco-friendly at the same time helps a cleaner breeze circulate in the house.

  2. Wow, I’ve got to hand it to Guz Architecture, they really make great mansions…if that is a mansion, is it? The good thing about it too is that not only is it eco-friendly because of the green roof, but you can also relax under it too. Isn’t that nice? I am planning to turn my roof into a garden in the future; what plants do you think I should use?