Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Landscape design - Maidstone design competition

Creating a Connected Urban Core
The overall goals of the High St. corridor in Maidstone, Kent originate from an assessment of the features that exist within and around the site.
  1. Connections will be made that help create a successful system as a whole
  2. Creating distinct urban plazas that will suit the needs of the users as well as unite the existing fragmented streetscape
  3. Transforming High St. into a major artery within Maidstone
The Pulse of Maidstone is a two part systematic concept comprised of a strong formal axis and a corridor broken up by angled elements to help mimic the form of the historic River Medway which serves as a destination to the confluent systems.    A sequence of experiences is created throughout both elements that help guide the user throughout High St. while also leading one to the embraced River Medway. The use of native river grasses, water, form, and lighting help reinforce the importance of the local river while also incorporating the vibrance necessary to form a lively urban streetscape.  Urban art, paving patterns, seating nodes, and innovative stormwater management techniques also serve as guides that demonstrate the progression of High St. from its original state to a connected urban core flourishing with growth and success.
 Concept & Analysis
 Site Plan
 Sectional Perspectives
 Sectional Perspectives

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