Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chocolate And Pink Girls Room

Interior Design & Decor, Tambra from Champagne Chic Interiors designed this Chocolate and Pink Dream bedroom for a little girl. Tambra is a talented interior designer who has been featured in magazines and on TV. Tambra describes the room, "I started with pink- that was a very clear directive. I was really happy when Mom was willing to do a chocolate color as the background, so it was Sherwin Williams' Terra Brun for the walls. Then we started with a few ideas from the "inspiration files" and once I got to work pulling everything together, the room took on a life of its own... I love it when that happens!"

I'm loving her choices in fabric and bedding!
Pink curtains hung and draped soften the bookcase.
Interior Design & Decor, Tambra mentions how difficult it was to get the pink paint to stick to the NON-stick baking sheets. "This is a floor-length mirror with the mirror removed and a pink magnetic chalkboard inserted. This displays her "art of the moment"..." Champagne Chic Interiors provides interior redesign, home staging, and Interior Decorating. Interior Design & Decor

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