Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kids bedroom designs by Mariani

Designs can be many, but it’s always challenging to save space without having to compromise with the beauty and aesthetics while furnishing and decorating a room. Here we have compiled pics of some innovative yet contemporary designs for kids’ rooms from Italian maker Mariani which is based in Milan.
kids space


Apart from making kids rooms bright, ventilated and colorful, the focus is on using sleek furniture giving way for space. This can be achieved through corner wardrobes or wardrobes with sliding and conventional doors, long sleek shelves, low cots and so forth. The trick is also to use the right blend of colors and contrasts between the walls and the d├ęcor to make the room appear spacious. Kids’ rooms should be organized to create free space which would provide them with the play area within their rooms while they are indoors.
kids room twin beds
Light, smooth, sleek and compact make can be used for the desks, tables and chairs comprising the study area. Corner stands will be ideal for table lamps or for placing little works of art. Cots with storage space under, low floor beds or bunk beds would to a great extent save space. The idea of using tables with multiple drawers or wardrobes with enough number of shelves or as the case may be is a smart approach towards saving space without having to opt for more means of storage.
Last but not the least the designs need to be implemented considering kids’ likes and comforts which would add to their satisfaction paving way for some constructive development…
kids room study
kids room stand

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