Friday, August 31, 2012

How To Create Focal Point

Interior Design & Decor, Focal point makes the interior balanced and interesting. But while a focal point gets the most of attention when it's first seen the decor is arranged harmoniously around it to make it look whole.
 A focal point is an important part of the interior design. It unites the room decorations and draws attention. Hence, every interior design has to have a focal point. Some rooms can boast architectural details that make for great focal points so there is no need to create them but only emphasize them.
How To Create Focal Point

 Create Focal Point

If the room doesn’t have windows or any architectural details like a fireplace the focal point can be created with furniture, mirror, artwork, or wall paint. A feature wall can become a great focal point of the room. It can be painted bright or feature a patterned wall paper or wall art.
Create an interesting furniture arrangement as a room’s focal point. The focal point should immediately grab viewers attention when he first walks into the room. The rest of the decor can be harmoniously arranged around a focal point.
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Emphasize Focal Point

Emphasizing an existing focal point is also important. The windows can be decorated and emphasized with bright and interesting curtains while a fireplace mantel can be decorated with flowers, framed photos and anything else.
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