Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TOTO Sprino collection

TOTO Sprino collection helps to make a small bathroom with everything you need to cleanse your body or relax there. Collection of ideas to make the whole bathroom floor able to accommodate flowing water. Usually there is no wash basin in the bathroom or furniture so the place can be very small depending on kebutuhan.Desain very elegant look to the design drawings, this collection also shows how small changes in a small room like can dramatically change the overall impression of it. All that can be realized on the color of the walls, using large or small mirrors, small stool, color and position can take a shower bath things like that everything changed. Features of different technologies can also make some difference. TOTO bathroom Sprino sell such a product, everything is included. Prices for these products depending on room size and feautres site. For more info about that taking a look at the site Sprino by TOTO.


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