Sunday, September 25, 2011

Living Room Decoration Ideas in 2010 from IKEA

Ikea is a Popular Studio in the interior design and furniture industry. IKEA has put their new 2010 catalog online. As always, the catalog is full of nice ideas for room designing. This year products are characterized as by new bright colors like pink as by colors which was used last years like black and white.

Living Room with Blue Wall and Colourful Furniture

This year’s collection offers lots of new solutions for living rooms. A lot of new bookcases, sofas, TV and storage cabinets and other useful acceries for living room are presented in the catalogue. Flat screen TVs became the mainstream last years so there are really many furniture pieces which could hold such TV. Below you can find some of IKEA’s new design ideas.

Black and White Living Room Design

Contemporary Living Room

Living Room Design with Children Space

Living Room Design with Classic Wall and Classic Furniture

Living Room Design with Red Paint Domination

Minimalist Living Room with Green Wall

Living Room Design with Office and Music Space

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