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Tips to Build a Gazebo at Home

Gazebo is one of the an attractive area that we often see in parks, If you have a large backyard you should set aside a little area to build a gazebo, This time we will discuss about tips to build a gazebo.
The present of a gazebo in the garden of your house will be very helpful especially for family events that held outdoors. Gazebo can be a comfortable place to welcome guests, chat, and discussing. Building a gazebo relatively not too difficult and can be fairly easy and inexpensive making it adjustable to our budget. By choosing the right design and materials, you can build a gazebo with little cost.

Tips to Build a Gazebo at Home 1 Tips to Build a Gazebo at Home 

But there are some things to considered and planned before you build a gazebo. Therefore, check out the following tips to build a gazebo.
Things to consider before building a gazebo
When planning to build a gazebo in the garden or at the backyard, you may be confused in determining what materials are needed. But you do not need to worry, because the building material stores usually have prepared a package gazebo kit which is very easy in installation and construction. But if you want a unique design and exclusive gazebo, then you need to design your own gazebo
Another thing that is equally important to consider is measuring the area, checking the condition of the soil, and the slope of the the garden or your backyard, whether quite right to build a gazebo on it.
You should also consider the function of the gazebo, whether it will be used for the benefit of a truly functional or simply as a decorative element of the garden. That way you can be more precise in determining the design and materials to build the gazebo.
Tips to Build a Gazebo at Home 2 Tips to Build a Gazebo at Home

How to build a gazebo

1. Buy gazebo kit at a building store
If you want to build a gazebo that is easy and cheap, then you can simply buy a gazebo kit which usually sold in the building stores. Gazebo kits are usually sold at a variable price range, depending on size and design.
2. Choosing and buying another element
If the equipment and materials in the gazebo kits package is not enough and not according to your wish, you can note any objects that do not exist then consult with the shopkeeper, whether the supporting object you want is available or not. If it is not available in the store, you can look at other stores.
3. Determine the area in the backyard or garden
Before the gazebo kit that you bought sent to your house, determine the area where you will build the gazebo. You must ensure that the area to build a gazebo free of puddles, wild plants, or electrical cables for lighting.
4. Clean the area which has been determined
After you specify the area to build the gazebo, first you have to clean the area from stones and weeds. If there are pots and ornamental plants, you should be move it. After that, mark the area by plugging wooden stakes in the each corner to make it easy to determine the construction of the gazebo.
5. Starting the construction
Usually there is an installation instruction in the gazebo kit package. You and your colleagues have just stayed along with it. First, open the box and separate gazebo kit materials based on their function, which will be used as a material for the floor, wall, or roof. This is to allow you and your partners in building this gazebo.
Then, start by installing the floor first. Usually gazebo has a form of an octagon, so the floor needs to shaped like an octagon. To secure fitting between one part of the floor to the other, you might have to nail them.

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