Sunday, January 13, 2013


Interior Design & Furniture, Teenagers yearn for freedom and need more space. Individuality, expressing themselves and making their own decisions are some of the topmost priorities in this rebellious period of life. They are difficult to please too. Here are some tips to really make teenager thankful for having such a - wonderful room and the world’s most caring parents.
  • Inexpensive accessories are the best way to funk up the room such as - decorative pillows, throws, rugs, lamps, photo frames and wall hangings.
  • Bulletin board and clip frames to create the collage of your favorite photos, magazine cutouts and posters are must for teenagers for their hero-worship.
  • Special creative ideas such as group of masks, cross-swords, hunter’s knife, leather whips, decorative shields or plates can also be used as innovation.
  • Trendy study-lamps and lampshades and overhead retro paper lanterns that come in various designs to suit the personality of your teenager’s nature will encourage them to study more and more. Interior Design & Furniture
  • Round-cushioned comfy chairs with a wicker bottom can be used for a mix-and-match color scheme and to store them in corner of the room by arranging them one on top of the other to gain more space.
  • Fold-up papasan chair is a favorite too.
  • Extra seating for friends coming over for studying or watching movie can always be managed with big, oversized pillows and a big comfy beanbag.
  • Teenagers sharing room with their siblings will appreciate privacy by hanging beaded curtains or a canopy bed.
  • Storage area to keep their accessories such as toiletries, hair styling products, compact disks, dirty clothes and magazines in the form of stacking baskets, trunks and dressers are always needed.
  • Functional furniture pieces with hidden storage space are the most appreciated ones.
  • A desk complete with a personal computer and a comfy yet ergonomically sound chair will help your teens to study and chat for long time without the backaches.
  • Extra storage options in the bathroom to keep all those recently acquired grooming products such as hair-gels and body glitter, is an essential too.
  • Cordless phones in trendy designs and bold colors for those long late-night talks are the first love of all teenagers.
  • A private living room space can be provided by placing a sofa or an extra-long loveseat, which can double up as a bed for a friend that can be folded or deflated might be an option too.
  • If your teen loves that harsh loud music, ample use of fabric and carpet can absorb some of the sound. You may also soundproof their room, so that you can sleep better. Interior Design & Furniture

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