Saturday, January 12, 2013


Contemporary Loft Design
Interior Design & Furniture, It is marvelous space of white loft with a lot of light and dramatic view from large window. This cool loft is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Calm of clean color give wider space of minimalist space. Clean of white accents make this loft feels so romantic, especially at night. How easy to see the stars at night and warm the sun light get into this space through big window in glass material. Light furniture gives more modernism of wider room. No one can imagine if it is only small space. With proper color choices of white, this loft changes into exotic place for alone or with closed friend. See how great combination of old furniture with modern stuff in here. As the result, cool style shows up in fantastic interior design. Wooden bench and wooden flooring provide warm touch of nature. White floor lamp, table and bed show how cozy this room. All accessories include vase, book, designer accessories, and simple small sink decorated in white to give sensational and cool feeling in calm side. This place gives owner natural feeling of surrounding in smooth and delicate white loft accents. Is it yours? Cause I’m so interested with it!

Modern-living-room-with-white-featured-glass wall-parquet-floor-white-sofa-white-couch-wide-glass-windows-and-other-decorations

Warm Loft with Large Window
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