Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Unique and Modern Colorfull Basement Bedroom Design for Fleksibel Age

Interior Design & Furniture, Many people make the basement as a storage of goods that are not used or only be a place that is less useful. Annie Selke managed to inspire to you because he has managed to prove his creation to change the basement into bedrooms are very comfortable and colorful. Basement usually do not have windows, you can add light as air vents and into the entrance of light as a condition of the room sound. you begin to add a picture or mosaic on the wall. Pick brightly colored furniture with different colors. If you do not get unique furniture just so focused on furniture design in color but it would be better if the furniture you choose is also unique. Make sure you change your basement into a new bedroom with an atmosphere that is more colorfull.

bright basement bedroom design
Interior Design & Furniture
bedroom with full color concept
colorfull bedroom design
Interior Design & Furniture

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