Friday, November 2, 2012

Self-contained Vertical Garden Sustained by Rain Water Harvesting - The Vert

Interiors Design & Furniture,Designed by Ontario College of Art and Design student, Michael Tampilic, the Vert is a self-contained vertical garden terrace that stores rainwater for irrigation. The Vert is connected to a downspout; water then passes through a filter and is stored in an ample tank to water plants over an extended period of time. To prevent debris and mosquito larvae, the filter box contains a micron mesh screen. Cotton wicks pull stored water up - through capillary action - to nourish the plants. Any overflow from the tank is diverted back through the downspout. Interiors Design & Furniture


Interiors Design & Furniturevert-rainwater-harvest-terrace-2.jpg
A frame and planters constructed of cedar are naturally resistant to rot and pests, and planters can be positioned in various configurations. The lower box provides an excellent opportunity to plant vines that will grow upward while being supported by the horizontal terrace planks. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the Vert self-contained vertical garden terrace also helps improves air quality and insulate against heat. This fine example of rainwater harvesting has been entered in the Rocket 2008 Industrial Design and Graduation Show and Competition. Interiors Design & Furniture

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