Monday, September 3, 2012

Unique Multipurpose Furniture by Numen /For Use

multipurpose furniture
Furniture Design & Decor, A uniquely versatile furniture named KFY Shelf comes complete unique furniture in your home. Rods with different width were crossed in nine layers. Cruciferous rods made of wood materials to form a versatile furniture. The vertical and horizontal parallel while playing tends to cause dekomposisidan dematerialisation of the object. Many interconnection structure provides sufficient stability so as to form a furniture like bookcases or shelves versatile. Composition triangle that emerged from the wood strips to increase the shelf so that the statics structure into place to keep books or hooked something. Sticks are made of light and dark solid oiled oak and solid beech wood color divernis. wood collection is now transformed into attractive furniture,Furniture Design & Decor.

multipurpose wooden furniture
 Furniture Design & Decor

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