Monday, September 3, 2012

Benjamin Shine - Creative Designer in Unique Modern Furniture Silhouette Design

Pyramid - unique-furniture-chair-design-by Benjamin Shine
Furniture Design & Decor,
 Pyramid – unique-furniture-chair-design-by Benjamin Shine
When unique modern furniture and smooth silhouette design meet art. now introduce Benjamin Shine, multi-talented designer who uses his musical, artistic and sculpting skills to create work that has been hailed as ingenious, brilliant, visionary.
Benjamin Shine Studio focuses on the creative development of ideas for a diverse range of markets. To date, these include:
Public and private commissioned mixed-media artworks
Fashion collaborations and garment design
Product design.
Include Furniture Design & Decor.
The above two chairs are titled Loop and 40 Winks respectively, and they play with form and silhouette to create seating that challenges common perspectives. Using single sheets of acrylic, Shine contorts them into unique shapes that are harmonious with a modern design ethos. By eliminating joints and creating smooth artful designs, Shine is able to test the boundaries of what makes a chair a chair, and what makes a chair a pieces of art.
Furniture Design & Decor

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