Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ten Great Ideas for Your Bookshelf

Decorate a Bookcase

It's easy to perk up the look of any room with a bookshelf makeover. Turn your bookshelf into a creative display that adds artistic style and transforms your furniture beyond functional. In addition to providing a home for your favorite literature and home decor, displaying family photos is a great way to personalize your bookshelf. Read on for more great bookshelf ideas.

  1. Create a matching library set. Make covers for all of your books from craft paper or wrapping paper. Select one or two colors from around your room. All white book covers add a striking contrast to a dark bookshelf, or all cherry red covers could add that extra touch of color and flair your room needs.

  2. Add color blocks. Paint the inside back wall to match the room's wall color for the effect of a built in bookshelf, or use an accent color to complement your decor. Alternate between the two for interesting, eye-catching appeal. A pale color can lighten up the bookcase and better show off your collection of books or art.

  3. Make a rainbow. Arrange your books so that spines with a similar color are together. Next, arrange the groupings from rainbow order to neutrals: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, gray and then white. You'll love the effect this has on your bookshelves.

  4. Creative Bookcases
  5. Create a luxurious effect. Purchase foam core from your local arts and craft store, then cut it to fit the back wall of the bookshelf between each shelf. Cover the foam core with a simple, coordinating fabric. Continue to refresh the look of your room by changing the panels out each season, or whenever you would like a change of scenery.

  6. Create a built-in look. If your bookcases almost touch the ceiling, go one step further and apply crown molding to the top. The floor-to-ceiling effect creates the look of custom-built furniture. Try using a single piece of molding to connect two matching bookcases for an even more impressive look.

  7. Hide clutter. An easy way to both decorate a bookcase and create hidden storage is by locating wicker or fabric baskets that are the same depth as the bookcase's shelves. Add labels to the front of the basket for increased organization. Or simply use a bookshelf with wooden doors to keep your belongings neatly out of sight.

  8. Keep like objects together. Arrange your books and home decor to be near other items of the same size, color and style. While arranging books by color creates a beautiful accent, placing vases and other accent pieces next to similar items shows a deliberate intent to create a stylish effect, and makes the arrangement look less cluttered. For instance: if you have a set of two matching vases, place the larger on the end of one shelf, and then lay a book next to it and center the smaller vase on top.

  9. Personalize with photographs and collectibles. Bookshelves can showcase items other than books, and can be used to creatively display your family photos or treasured collection. If you include picture frames on your shelves, use all of the same color or finish, even if the sizes and styles differ. Coordinating the color of the frames draws attention to the pictures within instead of the frames themselves. To protect your collectibles from dust, look into a bookshelf with glass doors, or a stylish barrister bookcase.

  10. Creative Ways to Display Family Photos
  11. Out with the old. Keep your display updated. Clear away books and other objects you no longer use or have sentimental attachment for. An uncluttered bookcase gives prominence to the things you care about most. Also, adding a new vase or home accent is a great way to refresh the style of your decor from time to time.

  12. Add accent lighting. Attach battery-operated click lights to the underside of a shelf to provide light for objects below. Light shining down upon glass objects creates a stunning effect.

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